~ Replace a Book Spine with Cloth

How to replace a book spine with cloth.

Repair or replace a book spine yourself. Here I will show you a fairly simple way to do it with very few tools. This particular book had the inner hinges intact and so I show how to replace the whole spine without removing the boards. In some ways this is easier than removing the boards. At least you don't need to wonder about how big the joint space should be. The video talks about different kinds of book-cloth and dyeing regular unbleached muslin to make your own book-cloth.

This is the shorter version of this video. Members have access to the longer one with more details.

Note from the video:

To create an inset panel for a label you need to line the case spine with a laminated paper liner. The first part of the liner will be board height by spine width. The second part requires that you make the label for the book which should be the width of the spine minus one sixteenth of an inch. and the height necessary to accommodate the title. Place the label on the first liner where you want it to be. Don't attach it. Then measure the parts that are uncovered and create two new pieces to be attached above and below the label. This side will be attached to the case. When you are attaching it to the case, make sure you emphasize the indentation. It is a good idea to make the label as a rough cut in case you need to trim it a bit to fit well.