~Remove Stickers from Dust Jacket with Heat

Remove stickers

Everything you need to remove stickers from dust jackets.

Remove stickers: This is sometimes easier said than done. Using heat to remove stickers is only effective if the sticker's adhesive is white glue (poly-vinyl acetate) or petroleum-based. Other forms of adhesives are water-based and may be more easily removed with moisture. Be careful not to burn or warp the dust jacket itself. Less is more.

Iron's that have holes where water or steam can come out are dangerous because sometimes the water will pour out of it even if you don't mean it to. The only safe irons have no water or holes. Keep the temperature low because there is no recovering from burnt paper. Always use baking parchment paper also known as silicone release paper between the iron and your book or sticker or anything.

Tacking Irons from Talas are high quality. You can get cheaper ones from hobby stores but I went through three of them burning them out in a short amount of time before choosing a more expensive one that has lasted me years so far and has been the easiest of all the heat sources to use to remove stickers.

If the sticker cools down in the middle of pulling it off try not to put the sticker back down. Just iron the part that is still stuck.

Other heating methods to remove stickers:

Blow dryers just take a little longer to heat up the adhesive. Some people use heat guns but I would caution against this because it is really easy to burn whatever you are heating.

Those little heating pads you can get in outdoor stores to warm your feet or hands could also be used but that seems like a very expensive way to go. Basically anything that can heat up the glue will work.

Good luck! Go slowly and Be careful. The knife shown here works the best but you could also try a micro-spatula or fingernails or a plastic putty knife or even a paring knife. Be sure whatever you are using doesn't have a rough edge!