~ Quick Leather Book Repair

How to do a quick leather book repair:

Occasionally, a leather bound book is discovered with an intact cover but has separated in the inner hinges. This video only shows the discussion of the solution for such books. Here is an explanation of the solution. You will have to become a member to see how it turned out.

This solution only requires a bit of patience and a steady hand to prevent further damage as well as some Japanese tissue, a lifting knife, some pva glue and some mull.

Starting, as always with damaged leather,  by using Klucel-G on the leather to avoid darkening it when adhesives are applied we quickly move on to lifting the inner board edges and removing the old paper lining.

Not shown (even in the more extensive video) is removing the old text-block spine liners and animal glue. This was done by propping the book up in a press and applying paste to soften the old animal glue. Then scraping it all off to have a clean spine. Along the way we saved the original end-bands.

When the spine is completely clean we re-applied the end-bands and then with PVA added mull (that open-weave fabric you see on book spines) that extended a bit side to side (to be trimmed later). Then we made a typical two on - two off hollow. This just means a roll of paper that winds up as a flattened tube connected to the text-spine at first and then this gets glued to the case-spine later. It is crucial to the functioning of the book to have this hollow area so the case-spine won't collapse as you open the book. There is another video showing how to make such a hollow.

After attaching the case-spine to the text-spine we trimmed the mull and let it be attached to the inner edge of the board. PVA is so strong that this is all that was necessary for full attachment.

As you can see, the title: quick repair for leather book with intact cover is an accurate description for this easy method.

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