Book Restoration Estimates

Book Restoration Estimates

About our services:
Save Your Books expert restoration and repair services
Formerly known as: Red Branch Book Restoration LLC
Still owned and run by Sophia S.W. Bogle
Specializing in book-cloth restoration for books from the 18th 19th 20th and 21st centuries including everything from Darwin’s Origin of Species to the Wizard of Oz and even Modern Firsts.

(Contact us for a more accurate estimate.)

Book-cloth Restoration.

Old Spine over New Spine $300
Using the Existing Cover $250
New Spine, Old Boards $350
New Cover save pieces of the old cover in inset panels $250-$350

Aesthetic Restoration

This includes things like color touch up to a sun-faded spine, removing unsightly marks or re-building a torn up part of an otherwise still functioning book. The cost runs $100 hour and tends to be a two hour minimum. Some marks like foxing should be left as is or taken to a conservation lab to be removed properly.

Leather Restoration

While I am no longer offering leather restoration. I can tell you that in general you get what you pay for. Quality leather is expensive and the skill to do it well takes years to learn. Leather restoration prices are difficult to estimate yet usually run about twice as much as similar book-cloth restorations. I am happy to help you find the right person for your particular job from simple hinge repairs to full recreation period bindings.


Prices for sewing depend on the amount of repair needed and the number of signatures in the book.
$150 minimum and up, depending on number of signatures and their condition.


Basic Slipcase $130
(covered in black linen “Canapetta” book-cloth)

Clamshells are $300 minimum. Ask for details.