Book Repair Classes & Presentations

Sophia S.W. Bogle is available to give professional presentations, demonstrations or teach book repair classes on the topics of book care, repair and restoration.

Instructor: Sophia S.W. Bogle
Bachelor of Arts from University of Minnesota
Over 25 years of hands-on experience restoring books
Started Red Branch Book Restoration Business in 2000 now dba Save Your Books
Diploma in Book Conservation 2009 from the American Academy of Bookbinding
Over 70 videos available on the Save Your Books channel of YouTube with over 800 subscribers
 Previous presentations and demonstrations include:
  1. Southern Oregon University: On Book Restoration and What Book Restorers Do.

“Sophia Bogle of Save Your Books has been a frequent guest speaker in my history of publishing class at Southern Oregon University and I have my students read her essays on conservation and repair. She’s an enlightening, inspiring presenter and more than one student has gotten interested in the book restoration field from her talks. If you every get a chance to hear her, don’t miss it.”   Edwin Battistella, Professor of English, Southern Oregon University

2.  Cascade Booksellers Association:  Book Repair for Book Dealers

Start Seeing Books! Identifying Restorations, Sophistications and Outright Frauds!

“I have had the pleasure and fortune to twice participate in presentations by Sophia Bogle of Save Your Books. Her talks and demonstrations on book repair and restoration are well designed for booksellers and collectors, from novice to experienced. As an experienced bookseller myself, I have been surprised by how much I learned from Sophia about how books are constructed, how to identify previous repairs, and simple techniques to improve the appearance of books with erasers, archival glue, and colored pencils. I now put many of the techniques I’ve learned in her presentations to use in the everyday practice of bookselling, and have been amazed at how I have been able to save many good books from the donation pile with a simple repair.” Rachelle of Crooked House Books

Sophia’s presentation style is professional and relaxed, and she brings loads of examples and images. The opportunity to see a beautiful 200 year old leather- bound book that has been restored to its original glory using the techniques she has described is a wonderful experience. She has created many of her own tools and brings ample supplies not only for use in the demonstrations, but for sale to those who want to put the practices to use, and at very reasonable prices.

3. Briscoe ArtWing: Simple Book Repairs and What is the difference between Repair and Restoration

4. Medford Library : Simple Book Repairs

Presentation and Demonstration Rates vary but must include travel expense. If driving: that includes gas plus a per diem per travel day. Keynote presentations run about one and a half hours to two hours. Demonstrations run about two and a half hours.

Previous classes are too numerous to list.  Taught both in studio and in libraries. Everything from simple repairs to advanced bookbinding.

News and articles about Sophia SW  Bogle:

Book Repair Classes

(Available to travel)

Class Format:
All classes are geared towards amateurs with little to no equipment.
Choose from the 2.5 to 3 hour sections below. Choose one for a half day and two for a full day. 
Sections costs $350 each $600 for two and $900 for three. Travel cost and Lodging must be provided in addition.
Good internet connection is necessary for presentations and large classes.
I have apple technology where I set up a tripod with camera to project close up what I am doing on a large screen.
Around 15 people in a class should be fine if there is enough table room for them to work.
I assign videos to watch and articles to read ahead of time.
Students should bring in at least three books they can work on. Expect that at least one will be completely repaired and enough instruction will occur to be able to finish the rest at home.
Students can bring in their own tools and materials or they can purchase kits from me that will include what they need. A list will be provided before class.
All classes have an underlying structure based on my Hierarchies of Book Repair and Book Cleaning
Book Repair Hierarchy:                         Book Cleaning Hierarchy:
Clean                                                          Less is More
Color                                                          Dry
Correct                                                       Wet
Paste                                                           Chemical
Basic Book Care and Repair
Focuses on repairs for case-bound book-cloth books
I can teach an overview of all these subjects within a one day, 6 hour class or each one can be its own focus.
Optional Sections 3 hours each
  • Anatomy Basics (Covers various Book Structures. Glue vs Paste, Deconstruction practice, Grain direction)
  • Outer Joints (Vs and Os, Less is More, Polyester film covers)
  • Inner hinges (Over or Under, New End-sheets)
  • Combo Outer Joints and Inner Hinges. (One method each)
  • Heads, Tails and Corners (Lifting far enough, end-bands, coloring, turn ins)
  • Aesthetics (Scraping, Color touch up, Shine, Removing stickers and tape with Heat or Moisture)
  • Correct Leaning Spines, Bumped corners, Air bubbles in cloth
  • Wet books, Mold, Proper storage, Display and Shipping
  • Remove Ex-Library Plates, Edge Marks and Spine Marks (Color touch-up talked about)
This is a bit from the class I taught in Seattle in April 2016:

Leather Book Care and Repair
Focuses on care and simple repairs for leather books
I can teach an overview of all these subjects within a one day, 6 hour class or each one can be its own focus.
Optional Sections 3 hours each
  • Leather Care (What can go wrong, Brittle, Weak, Red Rot, Moisture and Coloring. Also notes on differences of Goat, Calf, Suede, Vellum)
  • Outer Joints and Inner hinges (Anatomy: Tight back vs Hollow & Tight Joint vs French Joint, leather vs. Japanese tissue repairs)
  • Heads, Tails and Corners (Lifting far enough, end caps, end-bands, coloring and turn ins)
  • Aesthetics (Scraping, Color and Gilt touch up, Shine, Removing stickers and tape)
  • Wet books, Mold, Proper storage, Display and Shipping
  • Remove Ex-Library Plates, Edge Marks and Spine Marks (Color touch-up too)
Paperbacks, Pages and Dust Jackets Care and Repair
Focuses on structural repairs for Paper-based book aspects.
I can teach an overview of all these subjects within a one day, 6 hour class or each one can be its own focus.
Optional Sections 3 hours each
  • Spine repair for paperbacks (covers are falling off, includes some color touch up information)
  • Aesthetics (Scraping, Remove Edge Marks and Spine Marks, Color touch up, Shine, Removing stickers and tape)
  • Page Repairs: Cuts, Tears and Losses (Japanese tissue and Paste)
  • Page Repairs: Heat-set tissue and Washing Pages
  • Dust Jackets: What and when to color, Reversible repairs, Polyester film covers

For more information, please contact Sophia via the Contact Tab on this website.

All rates quoted here are subject to change.