Book-cloth Book Restoration


Spine Brightening for Sun-faded Spines

Herman Melville’s Typee and Darwin’s Fertilisation of Orchids

This is an example of preserving the original spine and replacing it over a new stronger spine that is blended into the covers. the spine was brightened  to match the cover by carefully applying an acrylic wash in between the gold stamping. The front cover is the original color and only the spine was touched
Cloth restoration before2 2Cloth restoration after2

On this one, only the spine was brightened because the structure of the binding was still sound.

Feb 29 2007 041Feb 29 2007 045

Removing Library Marks is one of our Specialties

IMG_7947IMG_7953Scammon 2 before 002Scammon #2 After 002

Inner Hinges: We never use tape. All our inner hinge work is notably subtle. Illustrations are kept intact if possible


Darwin 2011 inner hinge beforeDarwin 2011 inner hinge after


Aesthetic Restoration of Damaged Covers:

image4371 (1)image4461 (1) Vanity Fair

New Book-cloth Spine with Foil Stamping


Paper Cover Restoration