Restorations and repairs of bibles generally come in two forms.  Historic, leather-bound, oversized family bibles, and smaller daily bibles with soft covers that see regular use and often have personalized marginalia.

Daily Bibles

Daily Bibles generally receive a new flexible case covered in archival book cloth and includes minor repairs to the pages.  The average cost for this is between $150 and $200.  More page repair can add cost on top of this.

Color choices vary depending on what we have in the shop. We will always have black.

For an additional 100$ a daily bible may be bound in leather instead of cloth.

Most daily bibles these days are made with bonded leather which is not a skin from an animal. It is leather dust that has been re-formatted to look like leather. It is very weak and is not archival.
This new cover is made from an archival Italian linen called Canapetta. It is sturdy and resists fingerprints. We saved the title from the original book as an inset panel for the front and added a ribbon.This particular process cost $175

Family Bibles

Restoration of a large leather-bound bible has a greater range of cost because the client has more options in choosing higher-end materials and more time-consuming methods resulting in a more painstaking restoration. To restore to a large leather bible, expect to spend between 250-600 dollars. For leather bibles, please submit photos for a more accurate estimate.

The hinges were too weak to save so this got a new spine and then the old spine was added over the new. The color is touched up with both leather dye and acrylics where necessary. This is a $500 restoration
We know that the most important part of a family bible is the history. We make high resolution scans of each history page and e-mail them to you.
The customer requested a new spine to which we added a gold stamped title and simple blind tooling. This is a $400 restoration

This bible had a strange greenish tint that we matched. This was a $600 restoration

Yapp-edged Bible